Scoop and Pour is a family owned and operated business specialising in Wholefoods & Healthfoods grown and made in Australia! It is our passion to showcase as many Australian grown products as possible to the Australian retail market and we know you will love the taste and appearance of our specially curated selection.

Our business has been built on a passion to support Australian farmers, reduce our impact on the environment by encouraging our consumers to buy and eat locally as much as possible. Consumers with a passion for this type of lifestyle are considered “climatarians”.  The word climatarian refers to people who campaign to stop global warming by changing their eating habits. For a “climatarian”, it doesnt matter so much the type of food you eat but the carbon footprint you are leaving behind as you clean up your plate. The aim is to select food that has generated the least environmental impact during production. (Definition from We support our community by providing the biggest selection in one place of Australian grown wholefoods and Australian made health-foods.

We have been in operation since 2017 when we commenced at Farmers Market on Manning in Perth with a dream to supply the best possible Australian grown Wholefoods to our customers. Since our small beginnings we have grown with the support of our loyal customers to stock over 90 products from all over Australia and a small offering of imported organic wholefoods that are not able to be grown in Australia due to our climate. 

We are constantly researching and testing products to bring you the latest in Health food trends and searching Australia for the best quality wholefoods grown right here in our own beautiful country. If you have any suggestions for new products or are a grower and you would like us to stock your product please contact us at

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