Scoop and Pour take privacy seriously, and we will always respect the privacy rights of our customers.  We will not disclose private information to any third party for any marketing purposes.

While using our site we may collect personal information about you to enhance your customer experience.  We may use your personal information for communication purposes like sending you information about website updates, new product information, or regular newsletters, but we will always give you an option to opt-out should you not wish to receive these communications.

We do not store any sensitive payment information like credit card details directly on our server or in our database, however our payment gateway provider may store this information on their servers and databases for purposes of streamlining your shopping cart experience.

Please be aware that the transmission of personal information and it’s security is the responsibility of both parties (us and you).  Our responsibility to you is to ensure we provide a secure transmission platform where your information is not transmitted in clear text, and we do this through the implementation of secure transport protocols.

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