Black Loose Leaf Tea – Australian, Insecticide and Pesticide free

Our Tea does not contain any pesticide residues or tannic acid and is very low in caffeine.
This is a pure 100% Australian unblended tea grown in the wet tropical rainforest of Queensland.

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The Daintree Tea Company is located on the Cubbagudta Plantation, situated in the heart of the Daintree Wilderness and Rainforest area in Far North Queensland.

The Plantation was established in 1978, by the Nicholas family, who still own and operate the business.

As more people from all over the world are discovering the pesticide free Daintree Tea, this black unblended pure Australian Tea has become more and more popular with the general public due to its excellence in taste and aroma.

Many tea connoisseurs state that the flavour is second to none and the aroma is just delightful.

Lots of Australian tea blenders choose to mix Daintree Tea in their own blend to boost their flavour and aroma.

Coffee is more often than not blended from quality coffee beans mixed with less quality beans as a “filler” to create more volume and improve the flavour and aroma.

Daintree Tea has no need to go through this process as their quality control is superior in that their products are being consumed without any “fillers” or boosters.

Daintree Tea is an unblended tea and you can enjoy our tea range as Mother Nature intended it to be, cultivated without any pesticides and high in antioxidants.

The Daintree Tea range may be consumed and enjoyed in the many different ways:

  • Pure Black
  • With sugar, honey or any sweeteners
  • With milk
  • With Lemon and/or lime
  • Excellent for ice tea
  • Create your own with any variation that you might like
  • Some chefs use it as an additive for smoking their fish and meat.

After use, Daintree Tea leaves make a great organic fertilizer for plants and soil and it’s a great way to return it back to Mother Nature!

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