Walnuts – West Australian, Insecticide/Pesticide Free

Walnuts are easily distinguished as the nut that looks like the brain, and have always been thought of as a ‘brain food’. Similar to other nuts, fruits and vegetables, walnuts are packed with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals beneficial to health.

West Australian, Insecticide/Pesticide Free Walnuts

From: $3.20



In the fertile forests of Australia’s South West lies Omega Premium Walnuts, Western Australia’s first large scale grower of walnuts. We operate two orchards, each dedicated to attaining the highest quality and freshness in its produce. Both orchards are maintained in accordance with our ethos of producing the highest quality nut, both in taste and content. Omega walnuts have a delicate taste, creamy texture and fresh crunch!

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