Since our conception, we have always looked for ways to reduce the impact our business has on the earth. We are conscious about taking steps to reduce the packaging we accept and how we dispose of it and in turn the type of packaging we provide for our customers.

We are also commited to buying as much food grown within Australia as possible, this not only reduces food miles but also alleviates the social impact on some international communities when we take away their sources of nutrition.

We continue to encourage our suppliers to reduce unnecessary waste when packing our orders, we responsibly dispose of any packaging through recycling centres for cardboard and soft plastics, we will always consider every aspect of our waste cycle.

All of our orders are packed using certified home compostable bags, recycled cardboard boxes (when available) and paper labels & tape. Please ensure you compost the bags at home or in your local council composting facility.

If you have any suggestions to help us reduce our environmental impact further, please email us at we would love to hear from you.

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